Why use TakeLegalAdvice.com to find a solicitor?

Finding the right solicitor to give the best legal advice can be stressful, time consuming, and potentially expensive. You are faced with an array of questions. Where to look? What questions to ask? What type of solicitor do I need? Will they want to deal with my case? How much will it cost? How do I know the solicitor will do a good job?

Even the best online and offline directories may only give limited information, which is not always accurate or up to date. Add to this the fact that most people aren’t qualified to know whether a law firm or particular solicitor is suitably experienced for your case. So when your best friend suggests a solicitor she has used for her house purchase, is this the best one for your divorce? Then add in the time required to research the market; to meet and discuss your case with each firm. Compound the problem with the urgency you may have to find a solicitor fast.

TakeLegalAdvice.com is the award winning service that solves this problem.

Here’s how the service works:

  1. You provide details of your legal problem using the simple online case submission form

  2. Your case will be reviewed by a TakeLegalAdvice Case Management Team.

  3. In the event that we may need to clarify any issues relevant to the nature of your particular enquiry we will contact you by phone in the first instance or by email if we cannot contact you by phone.

  4. If TakeLegalAdvice consider that your case is suitable for referral to one of our law firm members on the service we will submit the case details to an appropriate firm.

  5. At this point you will be sent an email with details of the firm.

  6. You will then be contacted by the firm direct.

  7. Should your case not be considered suitable for referral to our law firm members you will be sent and email advising this along with information on suggested alternatives.

  8. TLA does not receive a referral fee from any law firms

Please note that most firms of solicitors operate between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, enquiries submitted outside of these hours will not be reviewed until the next working day.

The service is free and you are under no obligation to use the services of the firm you are referred to.

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Reasons to use TakeLegalAdvice.com:

  1. Unique personalised service TakeLegalAdvice.com is an online service providing a tailored matching service – matching your case, location and profile exactly to the most appropriate law firm.

  2. Law firms are pre-screened Law firms on our service are Accredited Members of TakeLegalAdvice.com Best Practice (see below)

  3. Completely free to use The TakeLegalAdvice.com online service is free to use.

  4. No obligation There is no obligation to contact or hire the law firm we submit your enquiry to.

  5. Competely Secure The site operates on a Verisign approved SSL server giving you the confidence that all the information you supply is secure and protected.

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Press Coverage

TakeLegalAdvice.com has evolved since launching the first online case matching service in 2007. See links below for details of press coverage since the launch.

For press enquiries please contact Geraldine McCrory at McCrory Communications on 0207 609 2081.

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