If you are caught by the police for speeding, the police can take two options.For less serious offences you could receive an immediate Fixed Penalty Notice or be asked to attend a course on speeding carried out by the police. You can dispute this but many drivers do not realise this. In more serious cases, usually if the speed is more than 20 mph in excess of the limit, you will in all liklihood get a Summons. A conviction will result in anything from 3-6 penalty points whilst those speeding more than 30 mph may be disqualified.

Many speeding offences are now prosecuted on the strength of photographic evidence from speed cameras.You receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution in the post asking you to confirm you were the driver. If you do this, then you are almost certain to receive a firm and penalty points. |Before you reply to the Notice, you should take legal advice if you have any doubts that you were the driver or were driving at the speed alleged.

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