Motoring solicitors gear up as drivers flout mobile phone laws

 As the anniversary of tougher penalties for the use of mobile phones while driving approaches, a study from comparison site indicated that motoring solicitors could have more cases to deal with in the coming months.
In fact, the research showed that a fifth of drivers admitted to breaking the law and reading text messages while behind the wheel.
What's more, ten per cent said that they sent messages themselves.
Hayley Parsons, managing director of the site, explained: "Being distracted at the wheel is one of the biggest causes of road accidents. So, we were shocked at the numbers of motorists who are still illegally texting while on the road.
"It is encouraging that so many drivers have got the message about the dangers of using a mobile without a hands-free kit. However, conversations on these devices can still be distracting and drivers can be prosecuted for using one if they are not in proper control of their vehicle."
Late in 2007, motoring lawyers said that changes to the laws meant that drivers caught using their mobile and driving unsafely could now potentially face a prison sentence. 

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