Environmental issues

From waste and recycling, noise pollution to contaminated land and construction, the Local Authority takes responsibility for a whole host of environmental concerns. With the emphasis on eco-friendly homes and the prospect of preparing eco-reports for your home on the horizon, this is an ever expanding area. With recycling becoming the responsibility of residents, Local Authorities are increasingly levying fines if rules are not adhered to.

LAs have overall responsibility for regularing air quality in their area which includes issues from industrial air pollution to excessive exhaust fumes from vehicles. Beaches, common land, dog nuisance, drainage and drinking water, licensing, litter, noise, smoke, smells and other nuisances, obstructions on the road, pest control etc all fall within the ambit of the LA.

Who can you complain to?

The address and phone number of your local authority can be found in the phone book. Some LAs list the appropriate department, others operate a 'one stop shop' which deals with all complaints.

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