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01 September 2009 by Mary Heaney

A classroom for the courtroom - Judges to receive further training

A new training program being launched by the Judicial College is aimed to help judges improve the way they communicate with the public.

Judges in England and Wales are to return to the classroom once a year for further training. The five day annual training sessions will involve mock trials that are filmed so that the judge can see themselves work.

The training has been designed by the Judicial College to help improve judges’ skills and procedural techniques as opposed to the law focused seminars they currently attend.  Judges will be assessed by their peers and given direct feedback on their performance.

Judges are not immune from making gaffes that see their words made into headlines and the training is intended  to stop judges  making the newspapers for all the wrong reasons.

The new training scheme has been welcomed by the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge who told the Times: “Judicial education gives judges an opportunity seldom available in their ordinary working lives to discuss and benefit from sharing good practice and to learn from each other “.

The training will initially be for full-time judges and tribunal members, however it is expected to include part-time judges, tribunal members and magistrates once the program is underway.


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