Staying in the UK/Visas

Although immigration control seems straightforward, it is not as simple as it seems because the rules about immigration overlap with nationality law - which covers who is or is not is classed as a British citizen, and the rights of the different types of British citizen.

Which category do you fall into?
In the UK, the system of immigration control divides people into two broad categories: those who have the 'right of abode' in the UK and who can live, work and move in and out of the country as they wish; and those who require
permission in order to enter and remain here.

People in most 'temporary' categories, such as visitors, will also need to show that they intend to leave the country when the purpose of their stay is over.

Getting entry clearance to enter the UK
People who require leave to enter the UK will usually need to get 'entry clearance' to show that they are entitled to enter the UK under the immigration rules. There are detailed rules about how to qualify for entry clearance within each category of applicant coming to the UK. Some groups, such as refugees and asylum seekers do not require entry clearance, but most do.

The UK has introduced a number of new UK visa rules in the last few years.

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