Fraud lawyer

Important things to take into account when choosing a fraud lawyer:

The lawyer’s background

What is the background of the lawyer in fraud? What cases has the law firm won, and what are the overall details? How long has the fraud lawyer been practicing law? How long, specifically in fraud?

How you can help your fraud lawyer with the case

It will help both the direction and smoothness of the case if you can participate actively in your case. When you hire a fraud lawyer, you should find out just how much participation is possible.
Your fraud lawyer shouldn’t make any major decisions without your permission. Check to see that your lawyer seems willing and able to explain the case to you and answers your questions clearly and completely.

Asking your fraud lawyer about possible outcomes of the case

You should ask your fraud lawyer about possible outcomes to your fraud case, but be careful with lawyers that guarantee big settlements or a win in court. Ask for the lawyer's opinion of your fraud case's strengths and weaknesses.
You need to understand whether the lawyer is most likely to settle the case out of court or via a trial? And understand what the benefits are to a settlement, compared to the risks and pitfalls.

Complaining about your fraud lawyer

Most law firms will have a partner whose job it is to handle complaints but, if not, then contact the firm’s senior partner. You can go in person using a resolution form supplied by the Consumer Complaints Service (call 0845 608 6565), the Citizens Advice Bureau (, or use one issued by the firm itself.
If you decide to do it in person or on the phone, be sure to make notes on what was said and always ask your lawyer to confirm in writing what they intend to do about your complaint and by when.

If, after everything, you still feel you received a bad service, contact the Consumer Complaints Service (CSS) at the Law Society (call 0845 608 6565). You need to do this within six months of the end of the work that the lawyer did for you.

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