Lawyers are reporting an increase in demand for pre-nuptial agreements

Lawyers are reporting an increase in demand for pre-nuptial agreements, new research reveals.
A survey carried out for accountancy firm Grant Thornton reported that family lawyers found more clients asking for legal advice on pre-nups.
The report ties in with a divorce  report  carried out last year by which also found considerable support for pre-nups.
The report comes as a case expected to be the defining case on pre-nups was settled before court.
Lawyers were expecting clarification in the Crossley case on the validity of such agreements following earlier comments by the Judge. Susan and Stuart Crossley married in 2006 having signed a pre-nup.
However, when they separated, she sued her husband, declaring the contract was invalid as she claimed he had not declared all of his fortune.  In an earlier hearing, Lord Justice Thorpe said: “If ever there was to be a paradigm case ... of magnetic importance it seems to me that this is such a case”.
The divorce battle of Susan Crossley was due to rule on the validity of pre-nups, but the case settled instead with dropping her claim on her husband’s £45 million fortune.

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