Divorce lawyers reveal mid-life crises are causing marital breakdown

Divorce lawyers have reported that more and more people in the UK are citing a mid-life crisis as the reason for their marital breakdown.
Research from Grant Thornton showed that divorce lawyers still thought that extramarital affairs were the most commonly cited reason for separation, accounting for 29 per cent of divorces in 2007.
However, the divorce lawyers said that mid-life crises were now the second most common reason given, having risen from two per cent in 2006 to 14 per cent last year.
What's more, the study showed that more than two out of three divorce lawyers questioned said that a client in 2007 had hired detectives to gather evidence about the suspected infidelities of their other half.
"While it might seem like an extreme length to go to, people just want to know the truth - even if it hurts," Andrea McLaren, head of Grant Thornton's London matrimonial practice.
Interestingly, 94 per cent of the divorce lawyers questioned said they believed the UK was the best place for a wife to have her divorce dealt with.
The figures back up research by www.takelegaladvice.com which found that affairs were top of the list for divorces whilst one in four just fell out of love. But 15 per cent cited abuse in the survey carried out last year.

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