Maximum unfair dismissal payout set to rise again

Employment awards in unfair dismissal cases are set to increase this month from £60,600 to £63,000.
The maximum amount of money employment lawyers have been able to win for their clients in unfair dismissal cases has increased nearly six fold from £11,000 a decade ago, according to figures released by  employment law advisor Consult GEE.  
Stuart Chamberlain, an employment law expert at Consult GEE, explained to the site: "For a disgruntled ex-employee, the prospect of a potential windfall that is nearly three times the average annual wage is all too alluring. It is not really surprising that the number of claims against employees has stayed so stubbornly high."
Despite this, the company revealed that the average unfair dismissal pay out was only £7,974.
It added that a total of 44,491 unfair dismissal claims have been taken on by the employment tribunals in the last year.

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