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04 July 2008 by Mary Heaney

Price-Fixing - Refund for Football Shirts

Lanyon Bowdler reports on a first "class action" that has dealt with price-fixing of football shirts.

The first ‘class action’ brought in the UK regarding price-fixing has been settled, with one of the culprits – who colluded in keeping the price of replica football kit artificially high – agreeing to compensate customers who can prove that they purchased one of the football shirts that was in point.


Following an action brought by the consumer watchdog ‘Which?, retailer JJB Sports has agreed to pay compensation to the hundreds of customers who sued them. These customers will receive £20 each from the retailer.


The retailer has also agreed to refund £10 to any of its customers who can produce a receipt for the purchase of one of the shirts, which are England, Manchester United, Nottingham Forest, Celtic and Chelsea shirts bought between 2000 and 2001.


The court case follows the levying of fines totalling £17 million by the Competition Commission, in 2003, against JJB, Manchester United, Allsports, Umbro and the Football Association, for fixing the prices of football shirts.


If you have one of these shirts and can find the original receipt, you should be able to obtain the £10 merely by taking it to your local branch of JJB Sports.


More recently, it has been announced that people who inform on those operating cartels may be eligible for rewards of up to £100,000.


Lanyon Bowdler

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