A person does not have to be bankrupt or enter into an individual voluntary arrangement to fall foul of the problems of being in debt. One of the risks of being in debt is that creditors might try to get their money by using bailiffs, whose role is to take the debtor’s goods and sell them to raise money to pay your creditors.

What are bailiffs used for?
What the bailiffs can do legally depends on what the debt is for. Bailiffs are usually used if there are council tax arrears or if there is a court judgment against the debtor. They can also be used for unpaid fines, child support arrears, rent arrears and mortgage arrears and income tax arrears

Check that the bailiffs have obtained a court order
The bailiffs will usually always need a court order to take goods away. If the debtor has received notice that the bailiffs are going to come and take goods away, he or she should get advice urgently. The notice should not be ignored as the bailiffs charge fees to come to the debtor’s property and the debt will just get bigger if the debtor does not take action.

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