Buying / selling agricultural land

There are particular issues to be considered - both legal and financial. For example, with landed estates, there are agricultural considerations on any sale or purchase of the estate, including specialist tax advice, agricultural tenancies, single payment scheme transfers, sporting rights, tenant right matters.

Buying and selling Farms/farm businesses/Woodlands/Sporting Rights
The particular legal considerations for buying such properties and farm businesses generally include agricultural tax reliefs, agricultural tenancies, subsidy, sporting rights, tenant's right issues, environmental matters and business structures generally. This includes advice on the particular considerations relevant to agricultural conveyancing such as SPS,  water rights, fencing, environmental matters, tenancy and grazing agreements.

The particular legal considerations for buying woodlands include the  woodland grant scheme and the farm woodland premium scheme, taxation advice, advice in respect of dealings with the Forestry Authority and English Nature.

Sporting rights
Those buying, selling or leasing sporting rights including shooting and fishing rights need to be aware of a host of laws including the Ground Game Acts 1880 and 1906. Landowners also need advice on granting rights to shoot and licences for shooting and fishing.

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