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21 October 2008 by Mary Heaney

Injury lawyer

What you need to know about using an injury lawyer

What to look for in an injury lawyer

An injury lawyer with a broad experience is useful but it is more important to use an injury lawyer who specialises in the field. It also helps if your injury lawyer is approachable. You need to feel comfortable asking your injury lawyer questions and they should be able to give straightforward answers.

Your injury lawyer should also be accredited by either the Law Society Personal Injury Panel or the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

How you can help your injury lawyer

It is important to consult your injury lawyer as soon as possible. This will help your injury lawyer build your case while it is still fresh in your mind. It is also vital that you keep good records of your injury and the incident for your injury lawyer to use.

What you should ask your injury lawyer

Ask your injury lawyer for the strengths and weaknesses of your case so you know what to expect. Once you have explained everything your injury lawyer should be able to give an estimate of duration and cost. Your injury lawyer cannot predict everything though so it is important to be aware that things may change.

How you can pay your injury lawyer

Ask your injury lawyer of the options that they offer for payment. You may be able to pay for your injury lawyer through legal expense insurance that is often included in a policy such as home insurance. If you are a member of a trade union they may be able to pay for your injury lawyer. Your injury lawyer may also offer ‘no win, no fee’ agreements. As a last resort you can also pay for injury lawyer by taking out a loan.

Be aware that judging how much your injury lawyer will cost cannot just be based on their hourly rate. One injury lawyer may charge less per hour than another but if they are less experienced it will take them longer meaning you will pay more. Choosing an injury lawyer is a matter of balancing these factors.

Finally, using an injury lawyer is supposed to make your life easier. If your injury lawyer is not meeting your requirements do not be afraid to go elsewhere.

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