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19 June 2009 by Mary Heaney

Injury lawyer Leeds

All of the same common sense advice that should be followed whenever seeking legal advice applies to choosing an injury lawyer in Leeds as well.

What to look for in an injury lawyer from Leeds

All of the same common sense advice that should be followed whenever seeking legal advice applies to choosing an injury lawyer in Leeds as well.

You should ensure that the injury lawyer you end up using in Leeds specifically deals with personal injury claims and is not simply a general practitioner. Such a specialist injury lawyer can usually be identified in Leeds by membership of either the Law Society Personal Injury Panel or the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

You should also enquire about your injury lawyer's experience in Leeds. It is preferable if the injury lawyer you choose to work with in Leeds has specific experience in dealing with the type of claim you are launching.

How to pay for your Leeds injury lawyer

People are often deterred from finding an injury lawyer to represent them in Leeds because of the notoriously high fees that they are likely to be charged. However, there are plenty of options for payment that aim to ensure access to justice for anyone who has been in an accident, no matter their financial means.

Legal aid is rarely available for paying for an injury lawyer in Leeds anymore, except possibly in medical negligence cases. Nevertheless, people in need of a Leeds injury lawyer often find that they are already covered for the cost in the form of legal expense insurance already attached to something like a household insurance policy. If you have been in workplace accident it is also worth enquiring whether your trade union covers the cost of hiring an injury lawyer in Leeds.

Even if these routes are not available to you, most injury lawyers in Leeds offer conditional fee arrangements, also know as 'no win, no fee' schemes. If one of these is adopted then you do not have to pay your Leeds injury lawyer should you lose your case and if you win then the other party must cover the cost. If you do lose your case then you are likely be liable for the other party's legal costs but even this risk can be mitigated by taking out 'after the event' insurance.

Many injury lawyers in Leeds now offer a free initial consultation so even if you are still uncertain about the costs it is worth getting in contact to discuss your options.

NB: None of this information should be construed as legal advice.

Injury lawyer Leeds

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