Why use TakeLegalAdvice.com to find your lawyer?

Finding the right lawyer and legal advice can be stressful, time consuming, and potentially expensive. You are faced with an array of questions. Where to look? What questions to ask? What type of lawyer do I need? Will they want to deal with my case? How much will it cost? How do I know the lawyer will do a good job?

Word of mouth referrals from friends and family can be disastrous. And even the best online and offline directories may only give limited information, which is not always accurate or up to date. Add to this the fact that most people aren’t qualified to know whether a law firm or particular lawyer is suitably experienced for your case. Then add in the time required to research the market; to meet and discuss your case with each firm. Compound the problem with the urgency you may have to find a lawyer fast.

TakeLegalAdvice.com is the award winning service that finds the right solicitor for you. Our patent pending matching service software matches your requirements to at least one firm who has the capabilities to help.

In to your secure and confidential password protected inbox you receive responses from solicitors on how they would approach your case, estimated costs, and background information on the law firm.

The service is completely free and you are under no obligation to select the firm shown.

15 reasons to use TakeLegalAdvice.com:

  1. Unique personalised service TakeLegalAdvice.com is the only online service to provide a tailored matching service – matching your case, location and profile exactly to the most suitable law firm. You will also receive a personalised response on how the firm would approach your case and estimated costs.

  2. Our lawyers are pre-screened Law firms shown are Accredited Members of TakeLegalAdvice.com Best Practice. If law firms are unable to meet our membership standards, they cannot be part of TakeLegalAdvice.com.

  3. Not a referral service The matching service is a fully automated online system, matching your case details, profile, legal area and location to the most suitable law firm. The process of matching is therefore fully independent and based solely on the criteria submitted and not on any fees received from law firms.

  4. Completely free to use The service is completely free to users of the site.

  5. No obligation There is no obligation whatsoever to hire or contact any law firm shown.

  6. SSL Secure The site operates on a Verisign approved SSL server giving you the confidence that all the information you supply is secure and protected.

  7. Fast and convenient The matching service finds the most suitable firm for your case instantly, and all from the convenience of your computer.

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How does the site work?

Simply provide a quick summary of your case and your contact details and our award winning software will match your criteria with at least one firm who has the capability to help. You will receive an email alert to view the solicitor’s response in your password protected inbox. Details will include estimated costs, how he/she would approach your case, and background information on the law firm.

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About Us

TakeLegalAdvice.com was founded in 2006 to bring transparency to the legal market. The premise was and still is to be the consumer champion for legal services; to find the best and most suitable solicitor for the consumer’s needs, complete with estimated costs, information on the approach the solicitor would take and background information on the firm. TakeLegalAdvice.com is Europe’s first and only online search service of its kind, and continues to develop its services to give individuals the most informative and transparent device to find the right solicitor. For information on how the service works, click here.

Senior Management

Covering the UK and over 50 countries internationally, TakeLegalAdvice.com has a comprehensive team of specialists that serve both the consumer and legal profession.

  • Mark Wyatt (CEO) Mark Wyatt,
    Former pulisher of The Lawyer Magazine/thelawyer.com and founder/publisher of the multi award winning Legal Week magazine/legalweek.com. Mark has helped shape the legal profession for twenty years.

  • Mary Heaney (Editorial Director)Mary Heaney,
    One of the most experienced legal editors in the world, Mary was founding editor of Legal Week and The Lawyer and launched ground-breaking award ceremonies, directories and large scale networking forums around the world. Mary has commented on law firms for over twenty years.

  • Derek Bedlow (Managing Editor)Derek Bedlow,
    Former features editor of Legal Week and a very experienced journalist working for Legal Business, American Lawyer, and Law Society Gazette.

  • Maria Sunderland (Business Development Director),
    Business Development Director at The lawyer and Legal Week with extensive experience in legal publishing, research, events and the internet.

  • Michele O’Sullivan (Quality Control Director),
    A qualified international lawyer, Michele ensures all aspects of the website conform to our stringent quality standards. Previous positions include European Lawyer magazine and Hemscott.

  • Ben Martin (Customer Services Director),
    With over 30 years experience in customer services at Miller Freeman, the Daily Mail Group and Incisive Media, Ben has worked with the legal profession for nearly a decade.

  • Tim Penton (Commercial Director),
    An experienced publisher of business and professional magazines, having worked across the marketing sector publications at Haymarket.

  • Katie Burrington (Commercial Director),
    Previously with IPC, EMAP and Promotions Director at Rodale Press.

  • Karina Baker (Administration Director),
    Nearly a decade of experience working with the legal profession.

  • Elanganathapillai Sivakanthan (IT Manager & Head Programmer),
    Siva is responsible for development of the websites and is a highly experienced programmer and coldfusion expert.

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Interactive Media Awards
Web Marketing Association Web Award
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Press Coverage

Please find below a list of links to articles covered in the press:
  1. Times Online
  2. Guardian
  3. Telegraph
  5. Guardian - Business
  6. Growing Business Online
  7. www.jobs4mothers.com
  8. www.accountingweb.co.uk
  9. the glasshammer
  10. www.webuser.co.uk
  11. Daily Post

For Press enquiries please contact Geraldine McCrory and McCrory Communications on 0207 609 2081

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Current Vacancies

We are currently undergoing significant growth and urgently need the following vacancies filled:

Qualified Lawyers x 2

Journalists x 2

Customer Support Staff - Proficient in IT with good communication skills

Programmers x 2 - At least 3 years experience in ColdFusion, developing cms systems including front end design. Also with experience of Java, PHP and MYSQL databases.

Receptionist Assistant

For all of the above positions please send an email to MatthewBrown@TakeLegalAdvice.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Personal users FAQs
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Accredited Members of TakeLegalAdvice.com Best Practice

TakeLegalAdvice.com Members Charter

Law firms joining the Takelegaladvice.com panel must fulfill the following criteria to be included.

Rules of Engagement

  1. If a firm accepts an instruction from www.takelegaladvice.com or any of our affiliate members, they undertake to obey the Solicitors Regulation Authority Code of Conduct.

  2. Law Firms undertake to communicate with the client as outlined by the SRA rules and in plain English. For details, click here

  3. Law Firms must always act in the best interests of the client.

  4. When accepting an instruction, law firms must send a client care letter setting out terms and conditions at the beginning of the relationship, outlining costs and timings, who will be in charge of the case and who to approach in the firm regarding complaints. Legal terminology e.g. ‘disbursement’ should be explained clearly.

  5. Law firms must identify the client’s objectives in relation to the work, give the client an explanation of the issues and options and agree the next steps.

  6. The law firm undertakes to be transparent regarding cost, providing the referral with upfront estimates of cost and ongoing information. All methods of billing should be thoroughly explained to the client and what options are available. Law firms must advise the client if charging rates are to increase. If payments are to be made to others e.g. barristers, law firms must discuss this with the client and get agreement. Clients should be advised of potential liability to pay any other party’s costs or any other liability likely to arise.

  7. The law firm will agree clear objectives with the client and undertake to provide clear advice throughout the case.

  8. The law firm undertakes to provide regular updates on the progress of a case to the client and respond to all client communications - from answering telephone calls and replying to letters - in a timely manner.

  9. The law firm undertakes to provide the best qualified solicitor for the case and to ensure that adequate supervision takes place if necessary.

  10. Clients must be treated with respect at all times and in a professional manner.

  11. The practice must have a risk management policy including details of strategic risk, operational risk and regulatory risk.

  12. The law firm must have a system to deal with conflicts of interest.

  13. The law firm must have a system in place to deal with information management, including complying with the relevant legal and regulatory procedures on data protection compliance issues.

  14. The law firm must have a system in place which guarantees confidentiality for www.takelegaladvice.com users.

  15. Bills should have sufficient detail for the client to assess whether reasonable or not. If the client wants a detailed bill, it should be provided. Any disputes over bills should be dealt with immediately and appropriate steps taken to resolve the issue.

  16. The firm must have a complaints procedure in place, which must be identified in the client care letter. If the solicitor is a sole practitioner, he or she should have an arrangement with another local firm or with the local Law Society to deal with complaints. The firm must ensure that it provides the complainant with the name of the person dealing with the complaint, the action being taken and the date by which he or she will do this.

  17. The firm undertakes to provide www.takelegaladvice.com with details of professional indemnity insurance if required.
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